Koh Samet (Samet Island), Thailand

On a holiday in Koh Samet you will experience some of the finest white sandy beaches that Thailand has to offer. With its crystal clear sea and exotically colorful coral, it's no wonder this stunning island is a favorite getaway locals as well as the far-flung traveler.

Let Koh Samet holidays take you to this beautiful island located on the Eastern Gulf Coast, within 200 kilometers of the hustle and bustle of Bangkok, this idyllic archipelago feels like another world away.

Luxury Holidays in Koh Samet

For exclusive resorts and luxury surroundings in this diverse National Park, Samed Resorts Group has the knowledge. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we can offer you the most 7 luxurious resorts in the beautiful region of this Island – “Koh Samet” and which are under the management of Samed Resorts Group.

With legend claiming that pirates formally inhabited the island leaving a wealth of lost buried treasure, Koh Samet is certainly a hidden jewel in Thailand’s crown. Set sail with us and enjoy the abundance of natural beauty this National Park has to offer.

10 Reasons to Holiday in Koh Samet
  1. The idyllic white sandy beaches
  2. Sample the fresh seafood caught daily by the locals
  3. The tropical climate
  4. Great snorkeling
  5. Fantastic beach restaurants and nightlife
  6. The island is preserved by National Park status
  7. Less crowded diving spots ideal for beginners and diving enthusiasts
  8. Sunbathe on the famous circular beach of Ao Prao and Saikaew Beach
  9. The warm and friendly Thai people
  10. Within easy reach of Bangkok and Pattaya
Things to Do in Koh Samet

With a vast array of activities on the Island you will never find yourself at a loss for what to do. Visit Sai Kaew Beach (The Diamond Beach) with over one kilometer of beach where you can opt for a spot of sunbathing and swimming or even partake in some of the water sports on offer including snorkeling and jet skiing.

In the evening take a trip to the Ao Prao located on the west side and catches a spectacular sunset from some of the impressive cliff-sides and beaches.

For something a little livelier go and see one of the twice nightly fire shows at the famous Ploy Thalee Restaurant with performances at 8.30pm and 10.30pm. You could then sample some of the freshly caught seafood at the restaurants along Ao Phai and Sai Kaew Beach before enjoying some of the vibrant beachfront nightlife.

Koh Samet Weather

The weather in the Rayong province has a year round tropical climate that can be split into 3 seasons: hot, cool and rainy. During the months of March to August the climate is assured to be hot and dry. From September to October you will experience the rainy season, although with its microclimate it gets a lot less rainfall than the rest of Eastern Thailand. Finally the cool season runs from December to February with little rain and a calm ocean breeze.

Interesting Facts about Koh Samet
  • The island is one of 96 National Parks in Thailand
  • Area – 228.7 sq. km
  • Province – Rayong